Thursday, May 26, 2011

BedHead #2: You're Better Off Without Him

Here is my second painting in the BedHead series.

I had full intentions of painting her hair purple, but after the sketch was finished, I knew she was a redhead.
I'm really enjoying these girlies. They give me an outlet and seem to have personalities all their own.

Thanks for looking!
Nikki xoxo

Scrappy Wall Art

This is a piece I did 2 days ago with a random photo of my darling Pooky. I really enjoy making a scrapbook-inspired piece and using it as wall art.

I Love You Funny Face

As always, I can create a similar custom piece for you. Contact me for details.

Thanks for taking a peek!
Nikki xoxo

A Few Scrapbook Layouts

These are some layouts I've done over the last month or so that I really liked and decided to share. I do create custom scrapbooks and even single layouts, so contact me for details if you are interested.

3 Big Ideas for Her Third Birthday

Tiny Dreamer

Don't Smile

Thanks for looking!
Nikki xoxo

BedHead #1

This is my first painting in a series I've decided to call BedHead. It was meant to be just the one, but I loved her so much that I've been sketching similar ones since.
She's mixed media (mainly watercolor) on recycled cardboard.

Let me know what you think!

Nikki xoxo

A (Sort Of) Brief "Hey There"

I'm Nikki. And, obviously, this is my blog.

I'm in my twenties and still searching for my meaning. I'm a huge supporter of all things arty or crafty and pursue several creative endeavors. Through an obscene amount of contemplation, I've decided to put myself out on a limb and attempt to make a living with my work.

Art is what I love. Art is what I do. Art is what makes me happy.

I'm at my very best when I'm able to watch my ideas come to life by my own hand. And I feel most accomplished when I look down to realize I have ruined yet another shirt or pair of pants or when I look in the mirror and notice chunks of dried glue in my hair.

I'm hoping this blog will expose people to my art and open doors. I want people to see the love I have for what I do through my work. I hope to inspire. I hope to help someone realize their true appreciation or love of art. (I hope to make some money!) Haha.

I'm also hoping to open an Etsy shop very soon. I do commissioned work upon request, so please feel free to contact me through comment here or by email.

I am also an extremely concerned animal lover. That is why a portion of all sales of my work will benefit my local animal shelter: Animal Rescue of Carroll! Please visit their site or contact me for details.

Everything here is 100% my work. And whether you love it or hate it, always feel free to let me know!

Nikki xoxo